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Welcome to N and B Toy Soldiers– These are soldiers with distinct and accurate depictions of the uniforms and equipment of their era. Each of the soldiers shown in the gallery on this page are further explained and defined in the chronological posts on the following page of this site. You can also see all of the posts for a particular category by clicking on your interest in the margin on the left side of the page. These are defined by; historical era, method of production and scale of the figures shown. In addition, many informational links are included in the text of each post, by clicking on these highlighted words you can immediately take a side journey to the history and study of the unit , or item in question. The origin of most of the figures is also included.

These figures are all finished in the ‘toy’ sense of toy soldiers, a gloss finish, with vibrant colors and untarnished uniforms. These figures, however, are historically accurate down to the details, or at least to the best of my knowledge, and limited talent.

This site features the History and Uniforms of a wide variety of Military units in Miniature.

Please enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Home Page”

  1. where can I get some.

    tom smith

  2. Tom,
    Are you interested in painted soldiers, or unpainted kits?
    Dan K.

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