Mackinac island mid 1880’s
The US 23rd infantry stationed at Fort Mackinac. These are the soldiers as they may have looked marching on the parade ground of the great fort. This was the last regiment actively stationed on the island, before it became the second national park after Yellowstone. These bandsmen are what I call super modified, from standard home castings. The basic men are cast from Prince August molds. These generic bodies are assembled with specific heads and instruments, then with the addition of 2-part epoxy details, they become the specific regiment, or unit I am trying to depict. Once all the various parts and details are set and trimmed to proportion the soldiers are primed white, painted with enamel colors and finally coated with clear acrylic.
This method takes an ordinary toy soldier and creates an historically accurate figure.

The parade ground of Fort Mackinac is enclosed within the sturdy walls of the fortress.  The ground are ringed with barracks, offices and storerooms.  The visitor’s bureau has demonstrations, re-enactments and living history tours throughout the Summer.