Archibald Elliot Haswell Miller studied at the Glasgow School of Art and painted portraits. From 1908 through 1914 he toured several cities in Europe, where he sketched military figures as he saw them on the street. Miller painted these military uniforms up to and throughout the First World War. During the war he became a captain in the Highland Light Infantry. These are eyewitness depictions of uniforms painted by a man with training and great interest in preserving a style that was quickly disappearing as Europe careened toward war. After his service, Haswell Miller was an active promoter of military heritage ending his career with the Army Museums Ogilby Trust.

In his book: “Vanished Armies” — the author states that even though Belgium was a young country they had a military tradition well established and visible. This particular figure is from his plates and depicts the Regiment of Guides. Sent from my iPad