Robert Roger’s independent company of rangers were some of the first special forces in the new world. These specially trained and equipped woodsmen with their Stockbridge Indian allies were formed to deal with the heavy woodlands and terrain obstacles of the American theater of the French and Indian War. They were led by the charismatic provincial leader, Robert Rogers, who created and implemented his own theories of combat on the frontier.
These figures once again are inspired by a compelling book, in this case, “War on the Run“, “The Epic Story of Robert Rogers and the conquest of America’s First Frontier”, by John F. Ross. He describes the Rangers at Lake George, “..gloriously arrayed in the new green regimental coats, most heads crowned with the Rangers’ signature Balmoral Scotch bonnet.” Ross describes very well the trials, privations and grueling nature of combat in the frozen and unforgiving wilderness. This was the world of Roger’s Rangers.
This Ranger carries a wampum belt, his rifle, ball shot case, rucksack and backpack. He has deerskin breeches, his tomahawk and hunting knife, well prepared for a foray into the eastern woodlands and Canada. He has a powder horn, brass ramrod and a sprig of spruce in his bonnet. His Indian companion is simply adorned. From his scalping tuft of hair with feathers, to his war paint, his bear claw necklace, his brass armband, wampum belt, powder horn and rifle, he carries only the essentials of his business.
These 77mm Imrie Risley museum quality miniatures seem ready to attack Fort Carillon and take it from the wily French and their native allies.

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