77mm or 3″ tall figure kit depicting the 1st/3rd New Jersey Regiment from the French and Indian War. He is outfitted for service in the North American wilderness.  This is a very high quality figure.  It displays well with the figures of Roger’s Ranger and Native guide.  His equipment, right down to the antiquated match, which was a grenadiers badge of honor, located on his shoulder strap are nicely detailed.

The Jersey Blues were first mustered in 1673 in Piscataway New Jersey. The name comes from their Blue coats with red Lapels and facings. Their initial role was to deter Indian attacks on the early settlements. This is a depiction of a Grenadier of the 500 men mustered to garrison Fort William henry in 1757. The unit was again called up in 1758 for the campaign against Fort Carillon. The same unit fought throughout the French and Indian war and then for the Colonies in the Revolution.

Grenadiers were originally chosen to throw grenades and take on assault operations. The piked hat was used because a tricorn would get in the way of their throwing arm. The men were generally larger and more robust to take on this dangerous role. The mitred cap made them look even more imposing. Over time Grenadiers became one of the flank companies along with the smaller quicker men of the light infantry. The Grenadiers became the shock troops, or the company for the toughest jobs.