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This is a cast figure from Toy Soldier Magazine.

The Templar Sergeants were not full knights of the order, nor were they required to take the monastic vow of the Templar brothers. Full Templar Knights generally wore a white tunic with the red cross. At first the sergeants and pages did as well, but this created confusion and some mistaken accusations of false Templars. So it was decided only full knights wore white, while the others “from now on should have only black clothes,and if they do not find them, should wear clothes available locally, which should be of just one color and of the poorest fabric” from “The Templars” by Barbara Frale who is a Vatican secret archives historian.

This Templar wears the Frankish helmet and carries the templar wooden shield. Although at first Sergeants were paid and given lesser tasks, as the need for manpower in the holy Land grew and the ranks of the order were depleted in battle, these lesser members gradually gained full status in the order.

Barbara Frale does a wonderful job explaining some of the misconceptions about the Templars and dispelling many of the myths, but I still enjoy reading about the order in fiction.  Books such as “Knights of the Black and White”, by Jack White and “The Last Templar”, by Raymond Khoury are a couple interesting fictional, but informative accounts.