Erwin Rommel, the desert fox, joined the campaign for North Africa in February 1941. The German units initially consisted of the 5th light division and 15th Panzer division. The bulk of the remaining forces were Italian as they began the initial campaign from their African colony, Libya. Throughout 1941 Rommel drove the British further back into Egypt until the axis were finally stopped at El Alemein.
The British-American landings in 1942 marked the beginning of the allies drive toward Tunisia and the destruction of Axis strength in North Africa. The Afrika Korps surrendered in May 1943.
These soldiers display the standard desert uniform in variations. The Germans found short pants were not good, because they believed scratches and wounds did not heal as well. The gray helmets are covered with khaki cloth and boots had canvas uppers to provide more breathable leg protection.

Homecast from Buna Rubber molds.  I believe the masters came from matchbox toy soldiers original plastic figures, which are here cast in lead alloy