Revolutionary War

England signed a treaty with Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel to send 17,000 officers and men to North America. As one of the wealthiest German principalities, the Hessians were considered some of the best German troops, on par with the Prussians. Hessians also had the distinction of serving in America as complete regiments with their own officers and staff. Each infantry regiment was formed from a battalion of Fusiliers and a battalion of Musketeers. The regiments took their name from the commanding officer, or a local prince. According to author John Mollo in “Uniforms of the American Revolution”, “The Hesse-Cassel infantry was organized into four brigades of line infantry and one of Grenadiers and the Corps had it’s own general staff, hospital and supply train.” This unit fought at Brooklyn, White Plains, Fort Washington and New York. The uniform and Mitered cap were made of coarse material, hot in summer and not warm enough for winter, but they were tough and well drilled troops.

54mm Imrie Risley kits of Hessians on parade