This is a white metal and resin Sash and Saber kit with very good detail.  The top of the coach is removable so the passengers can be placed inside, it comes with the four horses and 5 figures.  This set is super glued, primed and painted with enamels, then assembled and clearcoated for the final display.

This is the opposing view of the Stagecoach, which even though it is just a four horse team is still reminiscent of the movie by the same name, with John Wayne, directed by John Ford, with co-stars Claire Trevor and Andy Devine.  I think of John Wayne as the Ringo Kid,  climbing out and to the the top of the Stagecoach, as it races across the open prairie.  The Indian braves of Geronimo in hot pursuit with arrows and bullets flying.  The passengers were bouncing and bumping as the Stage careened ahead of their pursuers.