From the early 1900s just prior to the First World War, this is a standard bearer for the Prussian mounted rifle regiments.
This figure kit with a well sculpted Chestnut mare is depicted as the equivalent of an Ensign or junior officer with sash and epaulettes. His pennant is the Prussian Eagle on golden field and his field gray uniform is prepped for parade.  This figure is inspired by    A E Haswell Miller’s book “Vanished Armies”, “A record of military uniform observed and drawn in various european countries during the years 1907 to 1914”.

Plate 37 of the book, soldiers #106 and #108 are combined in this officer.  Miller, who had a first hand view of these military men, calls them Prussian mounted rifles regiments.

A 1/32nd scale kit with various equipment to create a number of different regimental uniforms and designs. The pennant is cut from paper and painted. The figure is painted in enamel and finished in gloss acrylic. This method holds up well to handling.  This toy soldier is attached to a block of wood and labeled for display.