Dismounted heavy cavalry trooper of the Napoleonic era.
Originally formed as a single regiment by Louis XIV, they wore the Cuirass which was armor of breastplate and backplate. This is another finely detailed Imrie-Risley white metal kit.

The reverse view

Napoleon’s Grand Armee had 14 regiments of Cuirassiers, the mainstay of his heavy cavalry, they were a significant force in the battles of Austerlitz, Friedland, Borodino and of course Waterloo. Their uniform is a steel helmet, with brass crest, bearskin turban, and horsehair mane as neck protection. The coat is blue, buckskin breeches and heavy knee length boots. They rode large horses, carried heavy sabers and were often further armed with pistols. A good example of this famous, heroic and heavily armored cavalry.