The soldiers of the German Empire prior to 1914 are good for scratch building figures because of the the many varying styles of the different German states. Fortunately these units are all very well depicted in the color plates of A.E. Haswell Miller’s book, “Vanished Armies”.

This figure is from a casting that I carved out of two part epoxy and had ‘Old Glory’ figure manufacturing form the mold and run a number of white metal castings for me. I took the raw metal figure and with more 2 part epoxy added the extra style of the greatcoat to attempt a close resemblance to Miller’s painting on plate 40 of the book.
The Prussian military formed the core of the greater German army, absorbing the lesser German states soldiers’ into amalgamated units, with the exception of Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg whose military retained their own unit integrity.

Back view

The forage cap head of this figure is from Prince August Molds, while the body, coat, arms and base are scratchbuilt white metal castings with epoxy details.