Another figure taken directly from the pages of ‘Vanished Armies‘. I believe Miller truly lamented the fact that WW1 required such a great amount of manpower to make the colorful uniforms of the previous generation obsolete. Fortunately for the uniform enthusiast, he had a wonderful eye for detail and the time and postings to create these historic paintings. He was also a military man, serving in the 7th Highland Light Infantry during the Gallipoli campaign. He knew what details to look for to distinguish rank and specific regimental uniforms.

The reverse view

This figure is a complete Dorset Soldiers casting. The figure came with a kilt, but I added the tartan slung from his shoulder by molding two part epoxy and rolling it flat with just a little oil to keep it pliable. Then I draped it and used shapers from worn out paint brushes to for both the tartan and the cross belt. In the toy soldier world this is known as a conversion. Taking an existing figure and making it specific to a regiment is common.