The armored Cuirassiers continued after the restoration of the monarchy in France. They served throughout the various regimes into the late 1800’s for France, both King and Empire. The uniform was modified over the years, but retained many of the basic elements from previous generations of the heavy cavalry. The cuirass of front and back armor plate, the high crested helmet, heavy saber and powerful horse, would all have been very familiar to this officer’s predecessors.

The reverse view of this figure, with officer’s eppaulettes. This figure is in parade dress, again as seen in the pages of”Vanished Armies” from AE Haswell Miller, who was stationed for a time in Paris and could see this officer on parade prior to the outbreak of the Great War.

This figure is a beautiful kit representation for American Toy Soldiers. It paints well with great detail and seems very true to scale, if not just a little large. The industry trend seems to be moving more toward 1/30th scale figures which are almost 21/2″ tall as opposed to the 1/32nd scale soldiers that are 21/4″ tall. This seemingly small variation can look quite a bit larger when the figures are side by side. In this case as a single Cavalry figure the scale works nicely.