French and Indian War, New World Colonies
Traditional Highland Uniform from head to toe:
The light blue highland Bonnet, at this point in history the bonnet is simply banded and lightly adorned with feather, or pin. Short Red jacket to fit over the kilt, more scarlet for officers. A Scarlet sash for officer rank. Yellow Gold turn backs and braid. The traditional Highland Kilt, which was a large rectangle of course wool in Tartan Plaid, pleated below the belt, gathered above the belt and clasped at the left shoulder. White shirt and Black crossbelt.

The soldiers weapons include:
A Dirk tucked into his belt, a Dag or flintlock Pistol made of all steel and of course his Basket Broadsword. The leather Sporran, or pouch attached to his belt acted as a pocket for his kilt. Finally, he has Red/White pattern hose held with Red tape garter above the calf and Black leather shoes with buckles known as Ghillies.
This is a wonderfully done toy soldier kit in 77mm, or 1/23rd scale. Imrie-Risley once again has supplied the white metal parts to be assembled and painted.