Another figure kit inspired by a favorite book, and yes, favorite books are abundant in the N & B Library. The book: “Paul Revere’s Ride” by David Hackett Fischer, copyright 1994 Oxford University Press, ISBN # 0-19-508847-6
Is a detailed read about the buildup, the alarm, the shot heard round the world, and the British retreat back to the city of Boston.

Paul Revere, the son of an immigrant French Huguenot, Appollos Rivoire, from Bordeaux, was born in 1734/1735 and died in the year 1818. Appollos, a persecuted Protestant, sailed to the New World apprenticed to a Goldsmith. Upon the death of the master, he purchased his freedom and set up his own struggling fine metalworking business. He married Puritan, Deborah Hitchborn, the great Granddaughter of another indentured servant who came to New England, David Hitchborn.
Paul Revere followed his father into the Gold and especially Silversmithing trade. he was a member of the Sons of Liberty and made a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre. The book and this figure depict his famous ride through the Massachusetts countryside to warn the militia and more importantly, leaders of the cause in Lexington, Hancock and Adams… “The Regulars are Out!”