This is a Homecast figure depicting an advancing Confederate battle flag bearer. The first Crimson silk flags with the Blue Starred crosses were issued to the Confederate Army of the Potomac in November 1861 at their Winter Quarters in Centerville Virginia.

The flags were intended to alleviate the confusion that arose most notably at Manassas, when many of the state flags carried by Confederate Regiments closely resembled the US Flags carried by Union troops. The confusion was confounding for both sides, who couldn’t tell friend from foe, until the units were too close for comfort. The Confederate battle flag was made particularly not to be confused with other flags the troops carried.
This casting is unusual since the flag is actually cast in lead. Most of the flags for toy soldiers are paper, plastic, or thin tin/aluminum to keep the weight down. notice this figure with the arm flung outward and the long base is designed to counterbalance the weight of the heavy cast flag. The painting is just standard issue and a close inspection of the casting betrays not quite the correct number of stars. Each of the diagonal cross arms should have 3 up and three down for a total of six with the middle open. Also, the Stars were originally gold. Still,ma nice Homecast toy Soldier.